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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 8, 2011 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning. name calling. a texas pastor at night took firestorm when he calls governor mitt romney's faith a cult. romney aaddresses those issues. 9.1. the jobless rate holds steady for the second straight month. could we be locked in a high unemployment for years to come? michael jackson's final moments. in a chilling audio tape in his
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trial for man clauslaughtemansl conrad murray talks. i family. steve jobs has been laid to rest. now hearing about some of the important people in his life. we take you inside the private world of the tech visionary who changed the way we lived "early" this saturday morning, october 8th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning. welcome to new york city on an absolutely stunning fall morning. we welcome you to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell. >> that was just picture perfect. >> beautiful. >> hopefully you're seeing that where you are. i'm betty nguyen, in for rebecca jarvis. >> we will talk about health plans. open enrollment is coming up.
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we will try to put you in the right direction. >> do you know there are certain things on your resume are a dead give-away to your age and may not be positive when it comes to looking for a job so we will show you how to age-proof your resume. >> and good food is coming up in the broadcast. let's begin with the top story. republican presidential hopeful rick perry is distancing comments he made friday of rifle mitt romney. whit johnson is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the first primary voting about three months away, candidates are here in washington for the values voters summit and trying to shore up support from their conservative base but for mitt romney it may not be easy. after endorsing governor rick perry. >> he is a genuine follower of jesus christ. >> reporter: texas pastor robert jeffress called mitt romney's mormon faith a cult. >> i believe mitt romney is a
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good moral person, has a wonderful family but that is not what makes you a christian. >> reporter: perry later responded to the controversy but yvonevangelical concerns have plagued romney. the events friday unfolded after romney developing a rousing foreign policy speech in south carolina. >> if you do not want america to be the strongest nation on earth, i'm not your president. you have that president today. >> reporter: the pastor's comments come at an awkward time for perry who slipped in the polls. at the summit perry was talking tough on immigration. >> there is no homeland security without border security. let me repeat that. there is no security without border security. >> reporter: so far the romney campaign has had no response to
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jeffress comments but romney defended his religion four years ago saying mormons are christians. many are watching to see if he does it again when he speaks later today. >> whit johnson, thank you very much. also in washington is tony perkins, president of the family research council, one of the summit's main sponsor. do you agree with reverend jeffress that the mormon faith is a cult? >> there is a sgings between christianity and mormonism. our focus is not build a national church but, rather, a coalition. the momon community has been a great partnership as we have worked to build upon the traditional values that we share in common. marriage, family, life, and as to it's a good partnership and people are looking here at this event where candidates stand on the issues. that is the real focus. >> when he heard the reverend say that did you agree with
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that. >> well, i didn't hear it. he didn't say it from the platform. i think he said that in an interview later with a reporter and that is not what -- we're not here to describe one religion or another. we are looking to build coalitions and partnerships and, again, i said there is a theological difference between mormonism and christianity. i don't want to go all over that. that is not our point. our point is building a winning coalition of conservatives who want to see america put back on the right road. mitt romney has arctticulated positions over the last four years. strong on the life issue, strong on traditional marriage, strong on the family. he is going to come again. he has been at the values voters summit every year and i believe he will articulate those issues again. >> is there anything that mitt romney can say to get the support of evangelicals? >> i think when they look to get behind in this election they are
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looking at the issues. i think there is a greater level of comfort when someone shares the same faith background that you have, but that is -- ultimately, what we are looking for is a candidate who will be able to take on this president, who has strong positions on life, on marriage, on family, national defense, strong economy. whoever that candidate is, that can articulate those positions, as long as they have a heartbeat i think they can beat this president. >> in your mind now, is rick perry that candidate? >> i think the jury is still out and that is part of what is happening this weekend as all of the candidates come and speak, lay out their vision for america. arctticulate their positions. you know, it's interesting, as i've been mingle being among those that are there, almost 3,000 people registered this year. we are hearing you know, some like this candidate and some like that candidate. we will have a straw poll today and we will see if there is a consensus. >> final question now.
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the civil rights group, the southern public law center has urged to boycott your summit saying you spread rumors about the gay community. the same group that labeled your organization as a hate group last year. what is your response to that? >> well, the southern law center sha shown themselves to be an anti-christian organization because people hold views of traditional morale it's, they want to label them. they are nothing more than a money raising machine off the homosexual community to demonize people who sl sexual values. >> tony perkins, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks. now to the economy. the september unemployment figures are out. 103,000 jobs were added, but the total includes 45,000 verizon workers who were rehired after going on strike. the labor department counted those as job gains. but the nation's unemployment rate remains at 9.1% for the
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third consecutive month. for the last three years, the rate has averaged 9.3%. so is it possible this could be the new normal? joining us is jack otter. thanks for being with us, jack. >> great to be here. >> we added 103,000 new jobs for september. not too bad but when you look at it on the whole, i understand in order to get to prerecession levels we have to add 250,000 jobs per month the next two and a half years, is that right? >> exactly. even if we get to that number we wouldn't have full employment until 2016. we were actually there in the private sector on friday. we added 137,000 jobs over the last month. but government lost 34,000 jobs. and that is another story that is going on here. since 2008, the government has
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lost more than 500,000 jobs at the federal, state, and local level. as the private sector doesn't have the command to keep up with job growth, government firing means it's even worse than it was. >> can we get to the level of 250,000 jobs per month the next two and a half years? >> here is the situation i don't think most people understand. for decades consumers were spending late more money than they had and treating their houses as atms so demand was here. when the crash came we knew it didn't exist. demand is here. that difference is unemployment. until we can grow demand organically without using our houses as atms we won't get back to where we need to be. >> you're saying high unemployment is here to stay? >> for some time, fight quite a few years. eventually, we are going to
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realize we are not building enough houses and more demand and bring people back to work banging nails but it takes time to get there. >> any particular fields we might see the new jobs? >> we are becoming a service economy. this has been happening for a long time. health care is the most obvious service. a demographic trend and people are getting older and need health care and if the affordable health care comes on line, 30 million people need health care and a lot of nurses and physicians to take care of those people. >> seasonal hiring will that boost the numbers? >> that is the problem with seasonal, it's seasonal. the retailers expect to hire more people this holiday season which is good news. macy's will hire 175,000 people and some translate to full-time jobs. toys "r" us said they are in that. >> is government debt weighing down the jobs market? >> in many ways p first of all,
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there is the psychological thing. over and over again on television on the website and in the newspaper you hear about this deficit so everyone knows the overhang is there and the way it should work in good times, the government runs a surplus so that in bad times, it can spend money to prime the pump until things turn around again. with a deficit 1.3 trillion, the government just doesn't have that much to spend, plus there is obvious political gridlock. the way washington is going, it's not going to happen. >> it's a bleak picket but hopefully we can stay positive. jack otter, thanks for being with us. >> those anti-wall street protests are spreading across the country but the anger is spilling over into issues such as corporate political power and the soaring cost of health care. cbs news correspondent michelle miller is on wall street where the protests began. >> reporter: this is how it starts.
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every day protests wake up from a sleep in the heart of the financial district and begin a new day ready to speak up and speak out. here in new york, the protesters call "occupy wall street" where the movement is picking up steam around the nation and it's become occupied together. this week, demonstrations held from los angeles to richmond, virginia to downtown minneapolis. >> we are here we want the big dudes to start paying! >> reporter: with more scheduled this weekend in cities like indianapolis. one website claims in over a hundred cities. downtown manhattan that started is it it all is attracting a steady trem of onlookers and reinforcements including michelle snyder who stops by every day on her lunch hour. >> it's the economy going into such a downturn. we want our middle class back. >> reporter: this week, unions join the protests marching through the financial district
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during rush hour wednesday. by late evening, police and protesters clashed. 23 were arrested. >> they are basically sending us a message that says don't create a society in america where 1% has basically all of the wealth. >> reporter: frustration over the gap between the wealthy and the middle class is one theme here but there is many messages as there are cardboard signs spread along the sidewalk. those who came by, curious to figure out the point of the protesters seemed a bit confused. >> most of them just kind of hanging out. it doesn't look like -- it doesn't look like they are doing too much. >> reporter: but there is no sign the protesters here or elsewhere are packing up their signs any time soon. >> there is no ending date. there is no dig nated time limits ending. it's growing every day. >> reporter: as long as they abide by the law, they can stay here as long as they like.
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russ? >> michelle miller in downtown manhattan on wall street, thank you so much. joining for us a closer look at these protesters is michael daly. michael, good morning to you. we heard the young laid in the piece saying we want the big dudes to pay but a potpourri of things going on down there. what are the folks trying to accomplish? >> you saw in the report there, i think it's not so much with what they are trying to accomplish is what they are trying to express. i mean, the one thing that runs through all of them is that a feeling that there is just a fundamental unfairness in from their point of view, the vem people who almost wrecked the u.s. economy and wall street continue to get wealthy while working people are struggling to pay their bills. i think it comes down to that. >> another lady in the piece saying there is no deadline here, no call to go home and no end date for this. what will it take, do you think, for the protesters, not only on
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wall street but all of them to pack up and go home. >> it's it's going to get cold. i think the friend for the policemen is weather. there is talk this morning that maybe they will move to washington square which does have a curfew and end things rather abruptly, i think. if they stay there, i think they could probably keep going. >> president obama said he understood them and house majority public leaders called them a growing mobs on friday. what do these types of comments do to the protesters in terms of their resolve? >> you know, the people are talking about them. i mean, you know, if nobody was talking about them, i think that would probably send them home but if you have the president of the united states acknowledging you and if you had the republicans calling you a mob, then you're really starting a conversation which is -- there, they are accomplishing something. >> you're sympathetic to the protesters. you wrote this week they are being arrested and being
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handcuffed by arrests but people they are protesting have not been handcuffed. >> sympathetic in the sense there is an unfairness you can wreck the u.s. economy and you don't end up in economy but if you make a left-hander on the brooklyn bridge, you get collared. it's not a question of law enforcement, it's a question of the law. the law is very clear. if you go and block traffic, you're going to get arrested. the law is not so clear if you're a rating agency and you inflate the agencies to get more business. >> are you surprised this movement has gotten so large? >> not really. i just -- you know, most people -- i mean, the least american thing is unfairness. i mean, the whole country got started with fairness. the original tea party was all about fairness. the constitution, there is a document about fairness and if there is a wide feeling there is unfairness, then, you know, it shouldn't surprise anybody. >> michael daly, appreciate your insight. thanks a lot.
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16 past the hour. here is betty. for the first time, jurors in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor heard from the defendant himself. prosecutors played an audiotape of dr. conrad murray's initial questioning by detectives. cbs news correspondent bill whitaker reports. >> reporter: dr. conrad murray listened along with the rest of the courtroom as he spoke on the tape of his relationship to michael jackson and what happened the day the pop star died. made public for the first time, this was the story dr. murray told detectives just two days after jackson's death. he asserted that he had been trying to wean jackson off a supposed addiction to the anesthetic propofol, a drug jackson referred to as "milk."
8:18 am
>> he believed in michael jackson was chemically dependent but he continued to provide him with the drugs. he says that he is the person that really tried to wean him off of these drugs but he continued to order gallon after gallon of propofol. >> reporter: murray said he had given jackson a low dose of propofol two nights prior and none the night before but on the day jackson died after regular sedatives failed to put the singer to sleep, murray said he did administer a small dose of propofol. >> i came back to his bedside and he was breathing. immediately, i felt for a pulse. his body was warm and then i went to ventilate him directly mouth to mouth. >> there is something that the defense can take from this because, to an extent, conrad murray allowed to humanize himself without being subjected to cross-examination. >> reporter: there will be more of murray's tape played for jurors when court resumes next week. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles.
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>> that interview just really interesting. gallon after gallon of propofol? >> the defense has yet to make its case so we will hear more. it will be a more rounded case the next few days. >> not over by any stretch of the imagination. >> let's go to elaine quijano with the rest of today's news. rebel forces in libya have launched a huge offensive on the city of sirt the hometown of moammar gadhafi. anti-gadhafi forces are less than half a mile from sirte. residents have fled the city. libya's new leaders say the fall of the city will allow them to declare rib laliberation and se elections. no sign of a 10-month-old girl who disappeared from her home on tuesday. fbi agents searched a landfill looking for lisa irwin. her parents claim the baby was abducted from her crib in the
8:20 am
middle of the night. lisa's mother debra bradley said she took a lie detector test and police told her she had failed. she said police accused her of being involved in lisa's disappearance. 21 people have died as a result of the nationwide outbreak of listeria linked to cantaloupes that were trace to do a single source in colorado, jensen farms. the company recalled the tainted fruit earlier this month but said it's impossible to know where all of them ended up. the cdc say they expect the death toll will continue to climb. television's longest running prime time comedy will continue. fox television says "the simpsons" will be back another two seasons. the studio and the show's main voice actors were embroiled in a battle over salaries that threatened to end the show. each actor makes an annual salary of $8 million. the studio wanted to cut that by about half. the actors reportedly accepted a
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deal for a 30% pay cut. "the simpsons" have been on the air 23 years. in baseball, st. louis stunned the heavily favored philadelphia phillies and knocked them out of the playoffs. chris carpenter threw a three-hit shutout as the cardinals completed a best of five game upset 1-0 and the milwaukee brewers needed ten innings to knock off the arizona diamondbacks 3-2. the two teams will face each other in the national league championship series starting on sunday. russ, we know one anchorman from st. louis who is a very happy man this morning. i know you didn't play, but congratulations to you and your cardinals. >> they didn't need me this year. they usually call me to play third base but this year, they didn't need me. we would be sitting at home if i was playing. >> my rangers are in it too. >> way to go. >> maybe in the end we will -- i like you as a friend and all, but when it comes to baseball, i draw the line. we got to get there first. >> always fantastic, fall
8:22 am
baseball. lonnie quinn's yankees didn't do so well. >> i was lucky enough to go to sunday's game. a fantastic experience. but, yeah, bronx bombers couldn't swing it this year. my son actually goes to the bronx high school of science so he was all into it. let's get into the weather. the eastern half of the u.s., it is just beautiful out there. the only exception is florida. florida you're going to be wet for days. four or five days in a row. speaking of baseball, guys, the game tonight, tigers versus the rangers in arlington, there is about a 30% thunderstorm chance. take a look at the big picture. the wettest weather it's in the midsection of the country from, say, the central plains to the northern plains. arlington about here will get clipped with a few showers that push in from the gulf of mexico.
8:23 am
it started about i'll say 24 hours. the rain in florida five days from now, some of you could be picking up from 8 to 12 inches of rain. russ, betty, over to you guys. >> lonnie, thank you. coming up amanda knox's first weekend at home. we will talk to her father how she is adjusting being with her family after spending four years in jail. if you're one of the older americans who have been looking for work months on end, we will show you to age-proof your resume. this is "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ as we just mentioned amanda knox is spending her first full weekend with her family since a getting out of an italian prison. we have not seen her since she arrived in seattle on wednesday. we will talk to her father how she is doing. he tells us about a special saturday ritual they had for years and had to do it by phone
8:26 am
all these years but today they ,
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good morning it's saturday october 8th i am gigin barnett. people are talking about we are following breaking news from overnight. just after 3:30 city police reported an officer-involved shooting in the 1800 block of hope street. there are few details right now. but bjz -- wjz learned no officers were injured and no word on condition of suspects. we are following the story and will bring you the latest updates tonight at 11. making the voices heard, dozens of people occupied baltimore as the growing political movement spreads nationwide. and now it's here in baltimore. many protesters gathered in the inner haror for days and -- harbor for days and say they will stay as long as it takes.
8:28 am
it start three weeks ago in new york so many farther protests --new york. so far the protest here have been peaceful. edgar allen poe's west baltimore home has been open to the public as a museum since 1949 but last year, city was forced to cut funding. now, fans all across the nation are hoping to raise enough money to keep it open. wjz is always on for a list of poe house funders log onto and click on this story. and let's look at today's exclusive first warning forecast. today, 76 degrees. really nice and sunny. and tonight, 48 degrees. that's our report. thanks for joining us. ,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ,,,,,,,,, nice morning in manhattan. i hope it's nice where you are as well. welcome back to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell. >> good to be here, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. coming up, if you are one of about 14 million americans looking for work, you could be having a tough time find ago job because of your resume, of all things. not because it's out of date, but because it dates you. it makes you look old. so we are going to show you how to age-proof your resume. also as you know, many employers schedule their open enrollment for medical plans during the fall. what you may not know is how your health plan stacks up against the others. we will help you pick the
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perfect plan for your family that only offers the best coverage and save you some money. >> wondering which one do i pick? good information. >> interesting survey just came out and help both of us out and doing that serm. the latest on amanda knox who is beginning her first weekend at home with fher famil in four years. peter van sant has more. >> reporter: it's been an overwhelming five days since amanda knox was acquitted of murder in italy. boarded a plane to seattle and tasted freedom for the first time in four years. she is home, but her family isn't saying exactly where. >> we want her to be able to have space and have a re-entry and adjust and have the transition be a peaceful one and a restful one. she's got some healing to do from the trauma of all this. but i think she can get through it. >> reporter: the reality of being back in the u.s. is still sinking in for amanda.
8:32 am
her family says she was unaware of the e normity of public support for her until her brief press conference on american soil. >> my family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. >> reporter: while amanda has not been seen in public since her return to seattle, her family says she's been indulging in simple pleasures. there are reports her former boyfriend italian student raffaele is a eleven tow who was also acquitted has been invited to seattle by the knox family. peter van sant, cbs news, seattle. in seattle is amanda knox's father, curt knox. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> you did not have your daughter for four years. tell me what life has been like since she has been back. >> very great, let me tell you. it's a huge relief to have her home and she's actually doing very well, so it's very nice to
8:33 am
see. >> did chef any idea just how much attention this case was getting in this country and around the world for that matter? >> in reality, no. i mean, she, obviously, was exposed to, you know, the camera sessions that took place in the courtroom but she really got her first experience of how high profile this case has been during her brief press conference upon her return, but in reality, no. >> what was was the first thing your daughter wanted to do when she got back? >> well, you know, she said it pretty clearly in her press statement and that was really be with her family and friends and that is what she really has been doing the last few days is just kind of reconnecting and that is been really great to see. >> how is she adjusting? your daughter, you know her perhaps better than anyone. how would you describe she is adjusting to life back at home? >> you know, it would appear that she really hasn't missed a step, you know, with the family and with her friends. you know, when she left, she has
8:34 am
some twin cousins that were 1-year-old and now they are 5 and to watch them play together is as if she was never gone and that is great to see. >> have you seen any big changes in your daughter since she has been back as opposed to when she was there before? >> well, you know, she's a lot happier and you can see just a huge weight off her shoulders now that, you know, she was found completely innocent of all the charges and, you know, it's kind of like people finally believed her and that is a huge weight off your shoulders in this circumstance. >> when she describes that ordeal to you, can you give us a sense of what she says to you? >> well, you know, when she has been home, we haven't really talked about, you know, what happened and we really are looking forward and, you know, so those types of conversations haven't taken place but i'm sure they will over time. >> after four years in talking to her, do you get the sense it's hard for her believe she is
8:35 am
actually home? >> you know, i think she -- you know, periodically, i think she still pinches herself but just based on her emotional well-being right now i think she feels this is home and she knows this is over and looking forward to the rest of her life now. >> you talk about moving forward. what do you hope for your daughter down the road? >> well, you know, there is little milestones along the way. i know she wants to finish her degree from the university of washington and i know that she's got kind of a checklist for herself, but each of those things will kind of come as time passes and we are really only about 72 hours since she has really been home. >> finally, mr. knox, this is the first weekend you will have with your daughter in four years. any big plans? >> you know, it's funny. every saturday for the last four years, we have had a 10-minute phone call every saturday morning and it's going to be so nice to actually be with her when that phone call would
8:36 am
normally take place so that makes a really big difference and we are really looking forward to it. it's kind of a little bit of a milestone per se. >> i bet. curt knox joining us from seattle. once again, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. for more catch "48 hours mystery" amanda knox, untold story, it airs on cbs news tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. check it out. it's really good. >> what a relief for that family to finally be together after all this time. >> and saturday morning, too. that interesting phone call. here is a check of the weather with lonnie quinn. here on my weather headlines for this morning. most of the country is sunny. when i say most of the country, about 75% of us will have a beautiful holiday weekend. only two spots have rain right now. but the two spots we are talking about a lot of rain. one area you see it right here. central plains up to the northern plains, we also see rain around florida. how much? for the central plains, northern
8:37 am
plains from grand island to hutchinson and am ril hoe, texas, 3 to 6 inches. nothing compared to what we see in florida. this system will sit and spin and pull in moisture off the atlantic ocean and than there for an additional four days. it started up yesterday. i think the rainfall totals will be 6 to 10 inches and some spots a foot of rain out of this bad boy. now here's a look at what's going on outside your window. make it a great saturday, everybody. >> we will try. thank you. up next, looking for work or wanting to switch jobs? we have some tips on how to age-proof your resume when we return. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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good morning. welcome back, everybody. as we said earlier, the september unemployment number remains unchanged at 9.1% for the third month in a row. there are about 14 million americans counted as unemployed. older people spend the most time looking for a job averaging just over 52 weeks. so if you are one of them, now is a good time to make sure your resume is age-proof and joining us now to talk about that is nicole williams, linkedin connection director. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> this is your first point of contact with a potential employer and because dates are involved, they can very easily assess how hold you are and if this person has some hesitation around hiring an older worker, at this point, they can clearly deny, take you out of the pile when really you haven't had a chance to interview. >> oh, my goodness. so let's go through some of the do's and don't's.
8:42 am
you talk about things in there that give away your age. i assume your graduation date would do that? >> absolutely. a lot of hiring managers could have been born in that year. it's just one of those dates that isn't necessary. it's one of the things that is commonly thought to be true but you don't have to have it on there. no, you don't need to. don't put it on. >> aren't you being deceiving by not putting it on there? isn't it important to know when you've graduated and how long you've been out of school? >> it doesn't matter. no. i think it's very strategic. >> you also say that you don't want to list your entire work history. i would think that shows you're very experienced. no? >> no, it does, but you want to select the information that is pertinent to the job but don't give the impression you've been in the world of work for the last 15 years if you've trying to work against this stereotype you're an older worker. you want to be very specific and, you know, add to your resume what -- just your most specific skills for that job. >> but looking at this one, won't employers be a little
8:43 am
suspect seeing that, your first job is vice president. >> yeah. the assumption is that you held other positions to lead up to that vice presidential job and, you know, we have another job listed that, you know, helps to support the fact that you were working prior to this position. but, no, honestly, i really think it is about putting forward the best you and not having loads of information that is, frankly, irrelevant to the job and gives away your age. >> i've never done this but a lot of people do. the header? should you is not put a header on? >> your objective is to get a job. it's just wasted space. it's wasted space. a fax number, a dated e-mail address. that just dates you. instead, one of the major concerns employers have is that you don't have a digital presence, that you're not comfortable with technology. so definitely have a linkedin profile on your resume so they
8:44 am
can go and take a look at you and learn more about you and see a photograph. >> won't the photograph date you? >> you know what? take a photograph that is you energetic, vivacious. the best photograph you can of yourself. >> yeah. you're trying to be a little honest here to some extent. >> yeah. it has to be a picture of you. >> social media, twitter? >> those are the kinds of things the employers wants to know. these are the way of doing business these days. the fear of old employee is that you're not comfortable with technology so you definitely want to convey that on your resume. >> quickly, are there buzz words you should try to put on the resume? definitely. the words proven track word, cost effective on aold terms. you want to have where things are tough, social media again. you want to show you are conversant in this digital age. because you don't want to reveal the fact --
8:45 am
>> show up at the interview and they see clearly that you're middle-aged. you want to put your best foot forward and stay current. thanks a lot. >> my pleasure. >> if you are over 50 and looking for a new job, go to cbs money to get a list of smart job hunting tips. nicole williams, we do appreciate it. up next with open enrollment coming up, we will take a look at the best health insurance plans to make sure you're getting the best coverage for plans to make sure you're getting the best coverage for your get your cash back! oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom.
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♪ in this morning's "healthwatch" u hurngs plan. 800 private medicaid and medicare plans and found a wide range in quality. joining us with the details is nancy metcalf and dr. holly phillips. good morning to both of you. >> great to be here, russ. >> let's talk about the survey first. is it true the survey found some parts of the country found better health care than others? >> yeah. weirdly enough, new england, a
8:49 am
tiny part of the country, you can see the tiny little bit of states, have 18 of the top 50 private plans which are plans that you would get at a job or on your own. >> any reason why that particular area of the country does so as well? >> well, the plans just do better on the things that are measured such as preventive care, care of chronic diseases and customer satisfaction. >> let's talk about the top ranked plans. are there several companies that keep popping up over and over again? >> actually, several companies don't keep popping up over and over again. big companies, big brand name companies like cigsa and aetna you can't buy by brand name. >> top five there, any jump out at you? >> as you see, this is very much dominated by new england. if you don't live in that part of the country, you've never heard of these plans. they are associated with medical schools and they are very competitive with each other.
8:50 am
so, fortunately -- and the other thing to talk about all of these are nonprofit plans. going on to the next top ten, you see kaiser there. kaiser, which is a huge hmo, shows up very high ranking wherever it is. >> hmos or ppos. finding both your list there. >> by large, hmos do better than in these rankings than ppos but not so say there aren't good ppos. >> nancy mentioned i was surprised that the hmos scored so high because we often think of those plans as being very restrictive where you don't necessarily get to choose your providers or specialists. i think the ease of care makes is better for patients. you don't have to carry about your paper work and one person identifying all of the of your problems and all of your care. >> what do people need to look for when picking a plan? >> pick a plan based on your
8:51 am
needs in particular. if you don't mind having one single person organizing all of your care and you're not worried about being able to go out of network, an hmo would be a very good option for you. if you do want to have out of network coverage or you want to see a specialist directly you should look for a ppo or what we call a pos. that is a point of service plan. >> got you. >> finally, if you never go to the doctor and you know you're not going to use your health care, you might look for a high deductible plan that will lower your premiums but you have to keep in mind, should you become sick, you really are going to have a big out of pocket payment to make. >> you mentioned one way to save money. any other ways to save money and good quality health care? >> i think it's important to see if your employer offers what is called a flexible spending account. that is way where you with set aside tax-free dollars to pay for medical expenses that may not be covered by your insurance. things like contacts, glasses,
8:52 am
even the deductibles on your insurance can be covered by an fsa account. statistics show most implies don't take advantage of that so it's one thing to ask your employer -- i want to say on tuesday. hopefully monday is a holiday for you. >> some of our top rated plans are quite tiny. a little tiny one in western massachusetts that does a great job. >> okay. . nancy metcalf and dr. holly phillips, we thank you both. >> thank you. >> great information this morning. for more tips on choosing the best health plan, go to our partner in health, and you can search health insurance. later a look at what is next for apple after the passing of steve jobs and who can fill his legendary shoes. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
the. coming up this morning, the i future. what will apple be like without steve jobs. we will find out what is in store for the company and its legions of devoted followers. there is a report he had plans the next four years. >> a genius. we will look at the i family. steve jobs was one of the most private of public figures but we are actually going to take a look at the people who were so much a part of the man.
8:57 am
his wife, his sister, so many of his family members. >> a lot of folks didn't know he was adopted. interesting story. >> it's coming up. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,, good morning it's saturday october 8th i am gigin barnett. people are talking about we are following breaking news from overnight. just after 3:30 city police reported an officer-involved shooting in the 1800 block of hope street. there are few details right now. but bjz -- wjz learned no officers were injured and no word on condition of suspects. we are following the story and will bring you the latest updates tonight at 11. making the voices heard, dozens of people occupied baltimore as the growing political movement spreads nationwide. and now it's here in baltimore. many protesters gathered in the inner haror for days and -- harbor for days and say they will stay as long as it takes. it start three weeks ago in new
8:58 am
york so many farther protests --new york. so far the protest here have been peaceful. edgar allen poe's west baltimore home has been open to the public as a museum since 1949 but last year, city was forced to cut funding. now, fans all across the nation are hoping to raise enough money to keep it open. wjz is always on for a list of poe house funders log onto and click on this story. and let's look at today's exclusive first warning forecast. today, 76 degrees. really nice and sunny. and tonight, 48 degrees. that's our report. thanks for joining us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
the statue of liberty and a big old cruise ship. not bad at all. >> that is huge! >> looks like fun. welcome to "the early show." i'm russ mitchell. >> makes you want to take a vacation. good morning, everybody. i'm betty nguyen in for rebecca jarvis. show you some interesting video this morning of a picture perfect landing in the pacific ocean. you talk about skill. plane landing i want to point out. that is fantastic. this happened yesterday. we will discuss this and look at that picture over and over again. look. he is safe. >> the precision there.
9:01 am
>> we have our morning "early" coffee today. guess who we are talking to? >> the captain. >> that's right. captain kirk. also known as william shatner. he is 80 and doesn't look like it at all. he will give us the secrets to his wonderful life and his amazing career. >> he is quite randy as well, is he not? >> yes, he is! stay with us for that! it's coming up in a bit. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is scheduled to address the voter values summit in washington pooed after a christian pastor made controversial remarks about romney's mormon religion, calling it a cull. whit johnson is with us with the latest. >> reporter: many people are waiting to see if mitt romney does, in fact, address some of those concerns later today. so far, the romney campaign has given no official response to the pastor's comments but i would not be surprised if, on some level, today, mitt romney does talk about his mormon
9:02 am
faith. he has long been a proud mormon, proud of his religion. he has always defended his religion, hasn't ducked these questions in the past. he has argued that mormonism is a form of christianity. if you remember in 2007 mitt romney rolled out a big speech trying to bridge the divide between shichl and sohimself an of the evangelicals in his base. he thinks romney should stay laser focused on the issues. he says that is the best way to win over conservatives and ultimately win the nomination. russ? >> whit johnson, thank you very much for the update. appreciate it. let's go to elaine quijano at the news desk who is sitting in for betty nguyen over here. >> good morning to you at home. leon.
9:03 am
gadhafi's hometown sirte. rebel forces have launched an all out on the city. the fall of sirte would be the final blow for gadhafi. his whereabouts are unknown. a virus has infected the computer systems that operate the military's unmanned drone aircraft used on missions in afghanistan and elsewhere. the virus has not grounded the drones. they are operated remotely from an air force base in nevada. an investigation is under way to determine just how damaging the virus is and how it infiltrated the heavily guarded computer systems. 13 high school students in closer, south carolina, have been suspended from school following allegations of sexual assault. several students and the victim told school officials the assault was part of a hazing ritual. the three separate attacks reportedly involved older students against younger ones.
9:04 am
school administrators admitted this was the latest in a series of hazing incidents at the school. there have been no arrests. and an amazing story of luck and skill. a small plane ran out of fuel and was forced to ditch in the pacific ocean friday. the pilot was traveling alone from monterey, california, to hawaii when he performed what coast guard authorities called a textbook emergency landing. rescuers reached him within a minute of ditching the plane. he suffered only minor injuries . it appears paul mccartney will get married for the third time and said to we had at the same place he we had his wife linda. >> reporter: sir paul mccartney is nothing if not a hopeless romantic. if the buzz is to be believed he'll take wife number three up the aisle tomorrow. this time, his fiancee has her own money. the 50-year-old new york native is sitting on a 500 million
9:05 am
dollar fortune her father built in the trucking business and she sits on the new york city metropolitan transportation board. mccart niece' previous model to heather mills ended in a bitter divorce. he was forced to fork over $40 million in the settlement or roughly $28,000 a day for the four years they were together. mccartney and his new fiancee have been dating for more than three years before announcing their engagement in may. the ceremony itself has not been officially confirmed is said to be a low-key affair. they will exchange vows before 30 close friends at london's westminster register office, the same place he led first wife linda in 1969. maybe not coincidentally the wedding day is also john lennon area birthday the man who helped mccartney write "all you need is love" all of those years ago. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. 5 minutes after the hour. time for another check of the
9:06 am
weather with lonnie. >> good morning, everybody. you know what? we are talking about a beatle wedding. let me give you the forecast for the wedding tomorrow. this london a mix of sun and clouds and about 67 degrees but come on, we live here in the good old us of a at the show you the map what it looks like. there you go. put it into beatle lingo, if you will. high pressure in control the eastern half of the country. bebeautiful in boston so here comes the sun. good day of sunshine in nashville. misery around miami. four to five days of wet weather. now push off to the west because you want to hold me tight. alamosa, colorado, cold. rain in amarillo. bismarck, north dakota, 65
9:07 am
get outside and enjoy today if it's not raining where you are which will be about 75% of the country. steve jobs was laid to rest yesterday in a private ceremony. it was so secret it is not known exactly when or even where it took place. cbs news correspondent john blackstone has more on the forward thinking tech giant who changed the way we live. >> reporter: three days after steve jobs' death, people are still adjusting to life without the man who so fundamentally changed it. >> if there is one person who
9:08 am
transformed the way we consume media and the way we listen to music and everything, he touched each one of us. >> reporter: jobs' image is inescapable from the smithsonian portrait gallery in washington. jobs told "the new york times" steve's concerns the last few weeks were for people who depended on him. the people who worked for him at apple and his four children and his wife. many people wonder if it falls on his family to manage the fortu fortune. the world steve jobs helped create always focused on the future and in a rare 2003 interview with "60 minutes" he shared his views. >> i still believe that the computer business is in its infancy, that there is a tremendous amount of innovation that is going to be coming out. i'm optimistic as to the future of the computer business.
9:09 am
it's just going to be very gradual and very human and will seduce you into learning how to use it. >> reporter: it was steve jobs who famously asked us to think different. with his passing up to a new generation of thinks to oversee the innovation of steve jobs revolution. john blackstone, cbs news. >> when you look at steve jobs legacy, what about the products that are being developed at apple right now, what will his death mean for those products and the tech industry in general? >> specifically at apple, they have their product line the next year or two completely mapped out so i don't expect apple to sort of have a huge void in their product lineup the next year or two. as far as the tech industry in general, the long term, his presence is certainly going to be missed. i mean, this was a guy who had the charisma, passion, and
9:10 am
innovation in his soul and in his leadership to really create wonderful new things that we will miss. >> there was one report that steve jobs actually mapped out a list of products over the next four years. are you hearing anything about that? >> well, it's not steve jobs himself. apple's management is top-notch and they have mapped out what the company is going to go over the next couple of years. you have to keep in mind they sell tens of millions of units every year, and from a logistic standpoint it has to be planned. steve jobs leadership in pushing products that people might not have believed in, that will be missed. >> is there any single person at apple right now who could come close to filling his shoes? >> no. no single one individual, but what steve has done over the last couple of years is really install some top-notch management where they sort of focus on each individual aspect of steve, like, for example, you've got tim cook who is the
9:11 am
now ceo. he used to be the coo. top-notch when it comes to operations. scott forestall, when it comes to hardware and software innovation which is what apple is very much known for he's at the forefront there and steve ive, he is still there. >> looking at the industry in general is there a next steve jobs that you see? >> there is no one individual that could fill sort of steve's shoes, but probably the most disruptive person in the industry is mark zuckerberg. >> facebook, of course. why do you call him disruptive? >> in the potential to change industries. that sounds kind of strange coming from an online yearbook and that is how it started. but facebook, because it's so yaubs ubiquitous it drives an
9:12 am
industry that people have yet to tap. >> next big thing? >> wireless payment system where you'll be able to take your iphone and wave it in front of the checkout line and pay for your grocery items. >> wilson, thank you a lot. appreciate it. >> no problem. william shatner coming up talks about his universe. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. th are hidden in the contours of your teeth & tongue. introducing a breakthrough for aquafresh. new extreme clean pure breath action. its micro active foam penetrates those hard to reach places. and it now contains a mineral compound that captures and neutralizes bad breath odors giving you 80% cleaner, purer breath. for all the confidence of pure breath try new extreme clean pure breath action from aquafresh. try new extreme clean pure breath action do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin
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9:15 am
william shatner launched his movie career in 195 is and 60 years later he is still going where no man has gone before. >> oh, dear. >> the legendary captain from "star trek" is a recording artist and actor and much more. take a look. >> charlie, take a look. i'm 80 years old. you're what, 47? >> 46. >> how come we look like we went
9:16 am
to high school together? you're going too fast, son. you got to slow down and smell the roses, my boy! >> i admit, he looks very good. i can't believe he is 80 years old but william shatner joins us this morning for "early coffee" to talk about his new book, "shatner rules:guide to understanding the shatnerverse and the world at large." >> great to see you. >> great to see you in person. you have done so much. let's talk about the roast that you recently were doing with charlie sheen. you were one of the roasters. but you also took a lot of the jokes as well. have you always had this great sense of humor? >> i think i find things funny. i don't know whether people laugh along with me, but i find things funny. >> 80 years old, you do look like charlie sheen's brother pretty much. i'm looking at you in person thinking is this real? what is your key to looking so
9:17 am
young? >> i don't know. blueberries and cereal in the morning. it's genetic. i talk about it in my book saying yes and doing things in a positive ways. you only have a short length of time and you have to make the best of it. >> is that key? i've heard that from a lot of people. just stay open. >> you've heard that from somebody else? yes, but is that the key? >> i guess that is the key. nobody knows. people tell you that they do know, but they don't know. actually, when it boils down to it, nobody knows anything. but what i suggest is that instead of saying no to things, to say yes to things with some discrimination, of course, but say yes. >> you have said yes to a lot of things and they have really paid off.
9:18 am
i just want to go through the list, because you went to a new level when you reached 70 and in the past ten years, you have won two emmy awards and hosted a talk show and starred in a cbs sitcom and now touring on a one-man show. how in the world are you doing all of this? >> the third album was long ago. how am i doing this? focus. it's there. you do it. you focus on it and concentrating on it and it becomes a reality. >> i to you about the new book "shatner verse." where is the shatnerverse? >> it surrounds me if in a bubble. it's a cute way of putting what we just talked about into words. some of the rules that are chapter headings or paragraph headings, you turn 80, the big rule is get out of bed. when i turned 40, i -- apparently i went to bed for
9:19 am
three days because i thought what am i going to do with the rest of my life? what have i done and what will i do at the age of 40 and suddenly it was over. suddenly, you wake up at the age of 80 and one would think your life is over and death staring you in the face. that is really frightening. but you got to get out of bed and you got to put one foot ahead of the other. suddenly, life renews. >> no doubt. not only do you have this new book, you also have a new album that drops on tuesday. tell us a little bit about that. >> the album is extraordinary. it's called seeking major tom. david bowie wrote a song about major tom. turns out in the capsule space odyssey and he leaves the capsule and it turns out about half a dozen composers wrote songs about major tom. i took those songs and other songs and speculated what happened to major tom when he left the capsule and hoped that with these great songs and these great musicians, people would
9:20 am
understand what i was getting at and it's getting great reviews. it's in the top -- it's broken through the top hundred -- >> everything you touch turns to gold. >> no. >> before we let you go, this is something of a bit of a tradition on morning coffee. we want to ask you if you could have early coffee with anyone, living or dead, who would that be? >> in the news today, there is such speculation about alternate universes and exploding the way the dark matters and thrusting. einstein would be a wonderful guy to talk to at this point. >> i don't know if i could understand. >> nor i but people have difficulty understanding me. >> you are terrific and thank you for your time. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> william shatner. now here is russ. up next, we talk about this week's trend benders burning up the internet, including a double
9:21 am
rainbow times two. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this early coffee segment sponsored by starbucks via ready brew. never be without great coffee. ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. but your cloud of depression is still with you. maybe it's time to ask your doctor about adding seroquel xr to your antidepressant to treat your depression. seroquel xr is a once-daily, extended-release tablet, which means medication is released around the clock.
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9:24 am
this morning, a photo is over the rainbow. remembering steve jobs at an eight-year-old wrapping sensation. maggie coughlan is here with the biggest buzz and hottest tweets on the internet. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> we have talking a lot about steve jobs today. what is the reaction to his death on the internet. >> steve jobs was an innovator and people flocked to the social media to more than his death. twitter had 6,000 tweets her second about jobs. >> they believe a record. did it happen? >> it didn't. beyonce is the record holder had 9,000 twots a second after announcing her pregnancy after the vma awards. steve had 2.5 million tweets mentioning him after his death,
9:25 am
to be fair. >> how are people expressing it? >> people feel they had a personal relationship with this man who they never met. they are changing their avatars and missing him already. >> i sad was one i saw. >> one about big trend in topics. >> let's move on. a lot of songs get covered on youtube but this one in particular is getting a lot of attention. it's called superbase. let's take a look. ♪ so this is getting covered all over the place. who is covering it? >> selena gomez has covered it and made a video on youtube before her concert. taylor swift confessed her love for nicki on an interview and the kardashian little sisters came out of a vacation to record a version of their own. >> my goodness. i understand the newest cover,
9:26 am
however, is making quite a splash. >> superbased club has a new member by sophia grace brownly and she is 8 and hails from england and dressed as a princess and she takes it to the top. >> we have that. can we see it? ♪ you have my heart running away even like a drum coming away ♪ ♪ did it you hear that boom boom boom you got that super base boom boom boom ♪ >> that is classic. that is classic. >> she is dressed as princess and doing it a cappella. >> one more thing here. remember the double rainbow video we saw earlier? now i understand there is a double rain dough times two out there? >> yes. this is a quadruple rainbow photographed in germany. you might remember this video. it was very popular last year. it had over 3 million views on youtube when someone had a very emotional reaction. >> here is the quadruple.
9:27 am
you have to look quick here. >> look ovthere. the fact that someone photographed it is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ look at that beautiful morning here in new york city. welcome back, ervinverybody, toe early show." i'm betty nguyen. >> the chrysler building. it's very nice. i'm russ mitchell. >> now that fall is here, is there a chill in the air and it's going to get even colder outside. i'm not looking forward to it. but we're going to show you how to get a look that is cool and we will actually keep you warm and terrific looking jackets for the fall. what is even better, get this. these coats are all under $200. i like the sound of that. >> a texas girl like, you don't like this cold stuff, do you? >> no, i don't.
9:31 am
i'm a southern gal and not ready for it just yet. >> we have other things to get warmed up. comfort food and mike isabella is here. excellent. >> all coming up. first, we want a final check of the weather outside. you know who that is. lonnie quinn has the latest on it. >> i got it so i shall give it out. latest satellite and radar picture. wet weather in the midsection of the country. wet weather. i see a system in florida. drenching the sunshine state about four or five days. a lot of rain for you. take a look at the hot spots and the chilly temps. down in texas, 93. coldest spot, alamosa, colorado, 18. the best weather anywhere, i had to do this because my weather producer joe said put my hometown on the map, howell, new jersey, his hometown. sunshine, 76. not to leave out the rest of my
9:32 am
friends around here. russ' hometown st. louis, sunshine, 82. betty's hometown is dallas. storms and 88. my hometown is cheshire, connecticut, 73 and elaine, don't want to leave you out, chicago. 83 today. now here's a look at what's going on outside your window. . everybody time for the shout-out day. georgia, a swash buckling good time because it goes to tybee island, georgia. in addition to the buccaneers, there is food and fun and music. we want to thank everybody who
9:33 am
watches "the early show" on wtoc, that would be the southeast news leader. >> lonnie, you do that very well. >> aarrgghh maty! >> from the ipod to the ipad. steve jobs literally changed the world. but did you know he was adopted and has a well-known sister and dated folk sing joan baez? upcoming "people" magazine has startling details about this visionary. joining us is tassa robinson. a lot of people did not know he was adopted. >> he was adopted. paul and clara were his parents. he was very close to hi father's very close to his mom. his mother, they were not college educated people, his mother taught him to read at 3 years old and he was very inspired by it. he said that helped him become curious and, you know, very curious and intelligent person. >> he was close to his adopted father, right? >> right. >> his biological father he
9:34 am
never really knew? >> he loved his adopted father. his father was a mechanic and he used his hands and he always encouraged his son to be creative. so they really inspired him. >> his biological father was syrian. why did they never connect? >> you know, the father later said that it was up to steve to connect with him. he was worried that steve would think that he wanted his money and he did not. but after his death, he said he wish they would reconnected or they had connected actually. >> he had become really close to his sister. >> this was the most fascinating story. well, as he got older in his teenage years, in his 20s, he want to connect with his b biological family. he did. ound out he had a sister. his sister at 27 years old, he found out his sister was this famous author, mona simpson. they became extremely close. her first book she dedicated to her brother steve. her second book she had a character who was, guess what?
9:35 am
a mogul, a silicone valley mogul and it was similar to her brother and they got a laugh after that. >> he met his wife of 20 years during a speech at stanford. >> yes. when he met her, everything just changed. the hollywood girlfriends, that was gone. he really enjoyed his private life. they had three children. he spent his time having dinner with his kids every night. he would go to, you know, shows with them, horse riding. he just became this private, great father. >> before that, he dated joan baez. did i read he had a blind date with diane keaton? >> he did, he did. that was that hollywood kind of life he lived. but those things changed. he became this private man who just, you know, wanted the simple life, to be with his kids barbecuing, you know, many of his friends told "people" magazine he really enjoyed that
9:36 am
simple life with his family. >> one thing i didn't know he had fathered a daughter at age 23. for years he would say this was not his daughter. he said he was sterile and no way he could have a child. later in life they became close? >> later in life. they became close around when she was around 7 years old and then her teenage years, she lived with steve jobs and they became close. they had on an off relationship, but they definitely rebuilt, you know, their relationship and she loved her father. she's a journalist now in new york city. so they really, you know, they became close and loved each other. >> natasha, what do you think? he was such a public guy in many ways but he was private also. why didn't many people know about these parts of his life? >> well, he wanted to own his own narrative and he did that very well. but a few weeks before his death, he allowed a biographer to really sit down and talk to
9:37 am
him and he said he wanted to tell his story so that his children, his children would know him. you know? they knew a part of him but he was also very busy so he really kept that narrative together and now i think he wants people to really know who the real steve jobs was. >> interesting stuff. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. here is betty. >> thank you, russ. up next, thousand beat the chill and look great doing it. the perfect fall coat for men and women all for under 200 bucks. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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♪ ♪ glamorous glamorous >> this this morning on our saturday bargainista bringing you the perfect fall coat at a great price. amy goodman is here. now you're talking i like the sound of a coat under $2 hundred. it's hard to find a coat at a good price. >> you need to consider your budget but you want something that will work with the clothes you have and versatile for fall because one day as we know it can be 40 degrees and today it's predicted to be 80 today in new york city. you need something that will work temperature wise but also with your existing wardrobe. >> bring them out. >> the first darling couple elizabeth and ben are wearing a colored leather.
9:41 am
trs from steve maddon and got it from shop to you go to the site log in your sizing and favorite stockholders to shop. they send you a favorite e-mail to let you know when the pieces go on sale. we save a hundred dollars on this coat that way. we put on a scarf to warm it up but easily take it off for a warmer day in the fall. ben is wearing a ledget. this is friendly for the environment. it's a faux leather. stitching is incredible. i love the beige colors and goes to prove a leather coat doesn't need to be black or bulky to pull it off. this from leather 21 for $48! >> are you certifiserious? >> it's a slim fit. >> it looks just like leather and i'm sure it's warm. >> the faux leathers mate be lighter in terms of coverage but both are warm for the fall. >> gorgeous. when it comes to this -- thank you both. appreciate it. we have other models coming.
9:42 am
you don't have to have fitted when it comes to coats? >> the cape we saw everywhere. elsa is wearing three hot trends. not only the cape but the bright color. if you like bright colors this is the season for it. color block colors blue and gray. it needs to cup your frame. she happens to be petite. if it was too long or too much fabric it would overwhelm her and i love the fingerless gloves to warm you up for the season. sebastian is wearing the 1970s inspired blazer but done in a c contemporary tone. the hardware, so chic. make them pop. i think it really does so much for that jacket to have that added clasp there. >> these are sharp looks, they really are. and for less than $200, i love
9:43 am
that. >> don't be afraid of the rust color he has place in his sweater underneath. >> i like that very much. thank you both very much. we appreciate it. wow. leopard print coming! >> would this coats from kohl's op on jen the leopard print. if you feel it's something you'd never wear, i bet most people watching at home saying this with a darker toned leopard print is something they could wear so this is great for day. she throws to have and wearing her little black dress underneath for night. a great dating night piece. sam has the traditional all-american pea coat with a double breasted look. guys out there, the double breasted is the way to go. it's the silhouette you must have and we have added all-american watch. the timex inspirational piece to kind of complete the look. >> very classic and sharp. i like that. >> it is. his fabrication looks thick and
9:44 am
substantial but it's where you can wear it whether it's warm or hot. >> you don't have to break the bank to stay warm this winter. i like the sound of that. thank you so much, amy. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. >> now here is russ. >> betty, thank you. up next, italian comfort food jersey style. whatever that means, right? >> where i'm come. >> you'll explain it, where you're from. mike isabella will talk to us coming up. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is discreet and comes pre-filled with my insulin. flexpen goes with me and doesn't need refrigeration. and it's covered by most insurance. if you're still using a vial and syringe, ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of flexpen. flexpen is a discreet, pre-filled, dial-a-dose insulin pen.
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[ female announcer ] only from aveeno. ♪ our "chef on a shoestring" is offering comfort food jersey italian style. mike isabella is the runner up on top chef all-stars and about to release his first cookbook, "flavors from a jersey italian." we are going to enjoy comfort of italian food on a budget of 40
9:48 am
bucks. what is the menu today? >> today, we have caramelized butter nut squash and a short rib ragu and pasta. we are in the fall season right now. like to work with fall vegetables. so this is a dish that we prepare at the restaurant a lot and basically, you know, it comes around the fall. pumpkin season, squash season. you know it's usually good and fresh. so i want to cut it in half. it's easy dish to prepare. we cut it, scoop out the seeds, rub it a little bit of salt and sprinkle of rosemary and i pop this in the oven for about 375 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour. >> scoop it out and it looks like that? >> it looks like this. take it out of oven after roasting it for about 45 minutes. you can see it gets all nice and
9:49 am
caramelized and pull the rosemary out and just peel that skin. >> exactly. >> right off. you just want to kind of heat it up. chop it up and then throw it into the pan. you can break it up. and we just kind of throw that into the pan here. we will put a little bit of color on there. this is a great side to go. it's healthy and receivable and has a lot of flavor. and it's a fun vegetable to eat. has a lot of sweetness to and it caramelize it up and rosemary in there gives it depth and flavor and hit it with a little salt and it will caramelize up as we are going through. >> let's move on to the entree here. >> next, we do a braised short rib. >> looks good. >> this is boneless short rib. basically, we are going to season this up with a little bit
9:50 am
of salt and pepper and pop it in the pan with a little bit of oil. and then we are going to caramelize it up. when i say caramelize, we want it nice golden brown. it takes about three or four minutes to sear on aur side. >> that's all? >> yeah. it's still raw in the middle because it's a tougher piece of meat to longer to cook. we pull it out and pull of our braisenned stuff in and put garlic into the pan. then we have a little bit of onion right here. >> okay. >> this is all going to start slowly sweating down cooking and pulling all of the flavors out. as that starts to tenderize up in the pan, we put a little bit of tomato paste. from start to finish, this takes about three and a half hours. let it slowly cook down. once you have all of your vegetables in there, you throw a little bit of white wine in there and cook it out about
9:51 am
three or four minutes and once that cooks out, we add in our tomatoes which is diced tomatoes chopped up from the can and we have a little bundle of flavor right here. this is like cinnamon stick, rosemary, bay leaf and let it cook for a long period. >> three and a half hours? >> three hours. >> then looks like that? >> it breaks down as you cook it for a long time as it cooks in the oven. then once it comes out, i kind of just beat it up a little bit with my spoon and my tomato and spices in there. the reason i'm using parpadell pasta it's a bigger, flatter, wider noodle. when you have a heavy meat it's a basic standard sauce. it will not hold up to it with
9:52 am
la liguini. >> give me a quick rundown of the dessert. >> easy. makes a couple of ingredients into the pot. milk here. a little bit of gelatin that goes in here. sugar. brings this up to a boil. or a little bit of vanilla bean that we split in half and put inside of here. once it it melts and all absorbs we puree it up in the blender and let it set and pour it into our glass molds and a nice vanilla custard. cook down our oranges. a little sugar. fall spices and cinnamon and all spice and clove. >> ready? >> oh, wow. >> how about i try it? >> let's see how you did on the cost breakdown. you had $40 to do it.
9:53 am
$38.82. let's see if you're on the board. not on the board but still good. >> barely. >> still good. >> this is terrific. >> awesome. >> that smells good as well. i want to try this also. congratulations on your restaurant. >> thank you very much. can you see some of these recipes in my book next fall, "flavors from a jersey italian. >> you can find these recipes at >> are you flying back? >> flying back. i got to get back to work quickly. >> don't go away. we will be right back. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this "chic on a shoestring" segment sponsored by [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ]
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a couple of programming notes for you. what really happened to amanda knox when she was in an italian prison. find out on "48 hours mystery" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on cbs.
9:57 am
>> sunday on "60 minutes" following football, jeffrey imle will offer his prescription on
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